Backstage at the Bella

billMurrayInterviewScreen2_1200x675We’ve all seen and heard many inspiring stories on a concert stage, but what inspiration goes into building the stage itself?

The Bella Concert Hall in the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is the newly opened crown jewel of the MRU Conservatory.   Both aesthetically stunning and acoustically sound, Calgary’s newest concert hall is an artistic masterpiece.

Bill Murray is the visionary architect behind the scenes.  You can get some backstage insight into his design concept with inspirations drawn from the Alberta landscape, prairie symbols and origami.  Aspects of the hall’s interior and exterior structure were based on the concept of a prairie barn.

While pondering a visually pleasing yet acoustically versatile ceiling design, Murray explains, “It occurred to me, if we abstracted the Alberta Rose and made it out of wood, that it would be quite a wonderful element.”

The ‘barn’ was raised to much acclaim from audiences and performers alike in the Bella’s grand opening festival featuring the likes of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, featured soloists, several choral ensembles and pianist Yuja Wang.  Seeing and hearing the space upon completion, a satisfied Murray lauded, “It’s better than I ever imagined.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To hear Bill Murray, the Architect of the Bella Concert Hall talk about his design…“>click here.


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