Konstantin Shamray is in the Building

FullSizeRender_3The Russian-born pianist arrived from Adelaide, Australia and is, at present, rehearsing onstage at the Bella Concert Hall.

There’s a sense of calm in the hall as Konstantin completes another seemingly impossible glissando while counting the remaining beats in the bar aloud. Echoing his count is Edmond Agopian, the director and conductor of the Calgary Youth Orchestra who will join him onstage for the show on Sunday.

“Would you like to make that an eighth?” Agopian suggests a change to suit his headliner. Shamray dismisses the suggestion demonstrating how he can cover the pickup with a slightly different release. An accommodating artist.FullSizeRender_1

Sharing the stage with the pianist and the orchestra will be MRU’s choral ensembles, Artio, Cum Vino Cantas and Kantorei. Each will offer a different texture to the concert and to the hall.

Through his performance, the Bella sounds fantastic. The acoustic design amplifies his musicianship in both technique and emotion. He seems to be enjoying it.

As in most rehearsal settings, empty theatre seats are the only witnesses to this astounding preview.   When the seats fill up on Sunday, November 22nd the calm of this moment will become infused with the excitement of performance. Only then, at 7:30pm, when the lights go up on this world-class pianist and MRU Conservatory’s orchestra and choirs, will we know for sure what decisions have been made on this stage. But, whether or not they decide to, “make that an eighth,” you can be sure the glissando will remain perfect.

FullSizeRender_2Tickets are still available by clicking here.

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